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Getting back on track for a ‘new normal’

From gut health to streamlining a new schedule, here are five things my ‘new normal’ will definitely consist of

Eight weeks ago the whole world suddenly came to a grinding halt. As someone who’s quite comfortable with time in solitude, working from the comfort of my home and staying in at the weekends, lockdown was something I was ready to embrace. Finally, someone had hit the stop button and I could really lean into it.

With the gift of time I was suddenly able to make space for things that I never quite got round to doing before. Things like appreciating sunrise on my morning run, cooking meals mindfully and investing in a little more self care. It’s been a period of exploration and observation, so I thought I’d share five things that have been my anchor during lockdown, in the hope they might help or inspire you in some small way.

Moving mindfully in nature

It’s amazing how early morning movement in the great outdoors can lift your mood. As much as I love a sweaty 5k it’s not something I’ll push myself to do if I’m not feeling up to it. After reading Period Power by Maisie Hill I’ve become much more in-tune with listening to my body and harnessing my hormones especially around my menstrual cycle. If I don’t fancy pounding the pavements I’ll grab a coffee, plug into a good podcast and take a gentle stroll around Tooting Common to absorb some vitamin D instead. I’m a big advocate for moving mindfully, we don’t always need to try and beat our PB’s or compare our stats on Strava, movement is nourishing in whatever form you choose. I’d love to hear what you think on this topic in the comments below.

Rituals and routines

I’ve definitely felt an overwhelming urge to cram more into my routine since lockdown. With virtual fitness classes, Insta Lives, never-ending zoom calls, 1000-piece puzzles to complete and bake offs to showcase, there’s undoubtedly been a huge amount of things to keep us all busy. However, it left me feeling a little overwhelmed because I was putting pressure on myself to do everything and then wasn’t really achieving much at all! Sound relatable?

My mantra since lockdown has been to curate not compare. Simply put, to build a routine with a few special rituals or activities that are achievable each week. Embracing the principle that we can’t possibly do it all and that now more than ever we have an opportunity to shape a unique little schedule of our own.

I’ve handpicked things I enjoy such as my favourite workouts, writing, listening to a podcast and studying for my online yoga assisting course. Adding them to my calendar ensures that I’m accountable.

Tummy love

What we put into our bodies can have a huge impact on how we feel. I’m currently on week eight of the Symprove 12-week challenge and WOW what a difference it has made. Accompanied with a slower pace of life this water-based food supplement filled with thousands of gut-friendly bacteria has not only helped my tummy feel settled but has also really calmed my acne. Giving my gut microbiome a well-needed boost of probiotics has done wonders for my general wellbeing. I’ve been so impressed with the results, this is one little morning ritual I won’t be giving up anytime soon.


Just 10 minutes of breathwork a day can have a massive impact on your nervous system which in turn produces a whole host of benefits such as reducing anxiety, balancing out emotions and increasing your ability to handle stress. Created by yogi Eddie Stern, The Breathing App (free to download on The App Store) is super simple to use. This has been one of my non-negotiables every day. You can choose the length of time each session takes, the breathing ratio most comfortable for you and whether you want your session to be guided by sound or visually on your screen. Give it a go!

Finding my flow

Forget the Insta yogis doing contortions you could only ever dream of. Comparison really is the thief of joy. Yoga comes in all forms and for me I love nothing more than a practice of self inquiry through breathwork and slow movement. Carving out some time on my mat to feel through things both physically and emotionally has helped me root into the present and not look too much into the future. Whether you like your practice strong and sweaty or soft and mindful, have fun exploring classes and finding your own unique flow, there’s so many great teachers out there. My current faves are Annie Rice and Bess Shipside who can both be found at Mudra Yoga Studio.  

Lots of love,
Kat x 

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