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New beauty products we’re obsessed with

Maria Nila haircare, Typo make-up bag, Lulu Guinness vaseline, Innermost protein shake, Beauty & Go drink
Think pink: our top beauty picks

We love sharing new beauty finds with you and without even planning it, this month’s items all come in a shade of blush pink…

1. Maria Nila Head & Hair Heal shampoo and conditioner

Since I’ve been rocking candy-floss pink hair, I’ve been on the look out for natural products that can help maintain my pastel colour and creamy tone. Maria Nila is a 100% vegan haircare range, created in Sweden and it’s the answer to all my prayers!

Firstly, the packaging is AMAZING. It has that lovely minimal look, which your bathroom shelves are calling out for. The products themselves are a gorgeous peachy colour and smell incredible fruity as you lather up.

The brand’s focus is to find the most healthy ingredients for the scalp, the animals and environment, so each bottle is full of high-quality ingredients and is free of parabens and sulphates. The Maria Nila Head & Hair Heal range is anti-inflammatory and prevents dandruff and scalp problems, while Vitamin E stimulates hair follicles for increased growth. I can’t wait to try out their Colour Refresh collection, too.

2. Beauty & Go Skin Revive

We focus so much on the outside of our skin, with fancy creams, serums and cleansers, but we’re probably all guilty of forgetting to feed our skin from within. With this in mind, Beauty & Go have created four drinks which contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from the skin of fruits, to help improve our skin’s health from the inside out.

The Skin Revive flavour is positioned as the perfect beauty bedtime cocktail: drink it before hitting the hay and let the bioactive ingredients get to work. It contains pomegranate, raspberry, collagen, persimmon, hyaluronic acid, orange fibre, manganase, vitaminsC and B6, which claim to improve skin’s elasticity and reduces wrinkles.

After just one bottle I can’t claim it’s turned back the clock, but it tastes delicious and is sugar free, so it gets my vote! Find out more and shop the collection at mybeautyandgo.co.uk »


3. Innermost The Fit One protein shake

As I’ve upped my training for Brighton marathon, I’ve learnt first-hand how important it is to take on protein after a training session or long run. Innermost saw a gap in the market for low-sugar, no-nonsense products and filled it! Their blends and boosters are made here in the UK and contain no artificial flavours, colours, fillers or GMO nasties and absolutely no mystery ingredients.

The Fit one Nourish + Replenish superfood protein blend in chocolate is delicious and doesn’t have that fake, manufactured taste that a lot of protein shakes are guilty of. Drink it with water or milk, or as part of a smoothie after a workout to support rehydration, recovery and restore electrolytes.


4. Typo pink and marble make-up bag

Ok, you got me. This gorgeous, half marble effect, half pink pouch is actually a pencil case from Australian stationary company Typo, BUT, you have to admit if makes a damn fine make-up bag, so go with it! If you are a stationary fiend like us, then you must check out this brand, they have everything from diaries and planners to novelty gifts and homewares.


5. Limited Edition Lulu Guinness Vaseline

I absolutley love it when a high-end designer collaborates with an iconic household brand, and it doesn’t get much better than Lulu Guinness x Vaseline. Famed for her kitsch handbags and red lip motifs, Lulu Guinness has revamped the Vaseline Lip Therapy tin with a winking and pouting showgirl. At just £2.99, this is a fab way to brighten up your make-up bag without breaking the bank! Available at boots.com

Vanessa x

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  1. Sez
    30th May 2017 / 1:46 pm

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Typo make-up bag!

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