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Astrology 101: Q&A with Gahl Sasson

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Want to understand why the moon has such an affect on your mood and emotions? Or how to work out your cosmic chart? We’ve got the answers…

After attending Gahl’s astrology workshop at triyoga last month and discovering that 2019 is the year of rebirth for each and every one of us, I was fascinated to know a little more about how we can use astrology to guide us in life and what pivotal times we should be looking out for in the calendar year. 

Feeling curious but struggling to understand how I could align the cosmic world with my yoga practice, I spoke to Gahl to get some advice and guidance on why we should turn our gaze upwards.

Tell us a little more about yourself. How did you get into astrology?

I followed my name, as I suggest everyone should do. My name Gahl in Hebrew means wave (by the way Galahad is also Hebrew – heap or wave of witness). After my studies in psychology I had a few friends who asked me to join them on a surfing trip to Mexico. I decided that the best way to know my self was to know the waves so I joined them. I ended up not only learning how to surf waves but also synchronicities. One meaningful coincidence after the other led me to establish a rock band, and study yoga, astrology and Kabbalah. Eventually the signs and omens lead me to the city of LA, where I am now based.

What role does astrology play in your life?

I am not a religious person and nor am I obsessed about my chart. I believe in free will and feel that astrology is the marriage of fate and free will. I use astrology as a way to understand what is happening now so I can design my own future. That is also what I do when I meet people privately for astrology readings.

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The realm of astrology can seem vast and daunting for beginners. What advice would you give someone wanting to learn more?

In my introductory class to astrology (similar to the workshop I led at triyoga last month) I connect people to the concepts, principles and storytelling aspects of astrology. The rest are details that people can learn slowly. Astrology is a language of symbols and like any other idiom, takes time to learn. But paying attention to the cycles of the moon, to Mercury retrograde and to understand your sign, ascendant and moon sign are very easy and important.

Why should we turn our gaze upward to the sky?

I personally believe that when humankind started walking on two, and their viewpoint shifted from looking at the ground to the sky, something opened in us, the vastness of the cosmos and our place in it. Astrology is the time keeper, the first clock and watch. It helped humanity survive by giving us the seasons, when to plant and when to harvest.

I’ve heard that understanding your moon and rising signs is important. Can you explain why and where we can find this information?

In terms of astrology and why this is important, this is because the moon sign is how you react to life and your rising sign is your path. On my web site CosmicNavigator.com there is a free engine that generates chart and can help you find your rising sign and moon.

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How does 2019 look on the cosmic chart? What can we expect from the year?

2019 is a year we learn to balance career and home as well as ambition with compassion. With Jupiter in Sagittarius we can expect a great deal of expansion and luck which is balanced with Saturn in practical Capricorn. With no Venus and Mars retrograde, the eclipses of January, July, and December will cause 2019 to be a turbo year and speed faster than other years in the past.  

Can astrology be linked with yoga? If so, how do you align the two practices?

Yes. Yoga means to yoke’, to connect. Astrology links or ‘yokes the above (heavens) with the below (our lives) so the two can be seen to be connected. Astrology leads you from the time you are named until you die. Yoga begins with what is called the ‘Om Nama Shivaya’ (‘nama’ meaning name) and ends in a ‘Shavasana’ (which is ‘death’ pose). Astrology and yoga are both spiritual processes that help us find both stillness and oneness.

Why does the moon have such an affect on our moods and emotions?

There is a correlation between the moon and human behaviour, our mood and emotions. The moon is really the ‘giver of life’, as she rules the tides (and there are theories that link the beginning of life on earth to the moon as sea creatures slowly moved from the sea to land because of the tides) her gravitational pull on the earth reflection in animal, human and plant behaviour. This is why we can feel differently throughout the moon’s cycle. The word ‘lunatic’ comes from the word ‘luna’ meaning the moon and on a full moon or a new moon, people are found to be more reactive and instinctual. It’s no wonder in many stories the full moon is associated with emotional turmoil. Think of the werewolves, Dracula and even the the Last Supper that took place on the full moon in Libra.   

If this has whetted your appetite for charting the year and planning the next 12 months, check out Gahl’s latest book: The Astrology of 2019: Birthing Your Inner Child available on Amazon now!

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