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London’s best vegan brunch at The Retreat Kitchen, Richmond

Vegan pancakes

Thinking about going vegan? We’ve found the perfect vegan brunch in London to introduce you to delicious meat- and dairy-free brunch options – it’s so good you’ll never look back!

Restaurant: The Retreat Kitchen
Location: Richmond, TW10 6UA
Blowout or budget: totally affordable, with brunch dishes from £4-£9 and a fantastic range of coffees and smoothies from £3-£5

Tropical smoothie


The Retreat Kitchen is a vegan café serving plant-based homemade dishes, lovingly created by owners Maggie and Claire. The menu is full of delicious pancake stacks, vegan breakfasts, soups, salads and quiches, with an emphasis on organic, sustainable and earth-friendly products. They even serve up a few surprises, such as organic bubbles and dairy-free, gluten-free Easter eggs!


Although the idea of going completely vegan is a little daunting (what would life be without cheese?!) I have found myself veering more and more toward meat-free and dairy-free options in favour of more plant-based meals, so it’s refreshing to find a new spot for brunch where you can enjoy fully vegan dishes, bursting with flavour and yumminess.

Vegan cakes and snacks

Kat and I tried the Vegan breakfast, which swaps scrambled egg for tofu (you seriously wouldn’t be able to tell the difference) plus smokey beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, hash browns and vegan sausage, served with sourdough or rye bread. This hearty dish would set you up perfectly for a Sunday stroll around Richmond Park.

Vegan cooked breakfast

We followed it up with the pancake stack which was deliciously light and tasty, dripping with fresh berries, coconut yoghurt and maple syrup. Washed down with a turmeric latte – YUM!

Turmeric latte is a friendly vegan brunch drink option

The cafe itself has a wonderful back story. Co-owned by TV presenter Nick Knowles, Maggie Nuttall and Claire Langdon, the idea came about after they embarked on a life-changing 28-day retreat in Thailand which was documented by the BBC last September.

The show followed their journey and transformation as they experimented with daily yoga, meditation, reiki, detoxing and cleansing – all while living on a raw, plant-based diet. Maggie and Claire have recognised huge changes since becoming vegan, including brighter complexions, better energy levels, weight loss and less anxiety.

Returning from the trip, they decided to quit their stressful jobs in the police force and in media, to set up The Retreat Kitchen and share their favourite vegan recipes with the local community.

This lovely café has a real community feeling and the fact that Maggie and Claire love sharing their food with others, really shines through in the food.

Interior of The Retreat Kitchen


There’s not many places better than Richmond on a sunny day. With its cute boutiques, pretty riverside walk and vast park, it makes the perfect weekend destination for a brunch outing in the sunshine. It’s also super-convenient to get there, with trains from Clapham Junction arriving in just 15 minutes.

Brunch n Grind girls, Kat and Vanessa enjoying vegan brunch in London

We came away from The Retreat Kitchen feeling satisfied and full without the heavy, bloated feeling that often comes after a blowout brunch. This is a great spot if you’re playing around with the idea of becoming a vegan or if you want to be a little more conscious of your food choices.

Find out more about The Retreat Kitchen and why not book in just round the corner for a pre-brunch spin sesh at Digme Richmond?

Vanessa x


  1. Sarah
    30th May 2017 / 1:54 pm

    This look like a fab brunch!!! mmm! What was your fave dish here? I will keep an eye out for it when I go!

    • 23rd June 2017 / 12:02 am

      We love the vegan pancakes with berries and coulis! Yummy!

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