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Pollen + Grace launch summer collection

Pollen and Grace lunchbox with blueberries

Looking for healthy, delicious and nutritious food-to-go in the capital? Look no further than Pollen + Grace’s summer collection. Fast food just got fab!

As much as I love a big blowout brunch at the weekend, I try to keep things relatively simple during the week. I’m a big foodie and love experimenting with different flavours, vegetables, pulses, nuts and fruits to create some pretty interesting masterpieces!

Staying balanced

I’m also a big believer that beauty starts on the inside and if you look after your body, your body will look after you. Keeping a balanced lifestyle is key and I live by the mantra of the more colour I can pile on my plate Monday to Friday, the more pancakes and prosecco I can eat and drink at the weekend.

Alkaline Box from Pollen + Grace

Sometimes I’m not as organised with my food as I’d like to be and buying lunch rather than making something in the morning happens regularly! Working in Victoria I often struggle to find healthy food choices, that is until I discovered Pollen + Grace in my local gym Frame

Made with love

Founded by friends Stephanie Johnson, Kristina Komlosiova and Steph’s mum Hazie in 2015, Pollen + Grace was born out of frustration at a lack of lunchtime eating options in London that were tasty, healthy and convenient.

What I love about Pollen + Grace is that each and every product is handmade at their kitchen in Vauxhaull before being delivered fresh to over 50 stores across London. You can find them in Planet Organic, Selfridges, Sourced Market, Harrods, Budgens and several fitness studios such as Psycle and KOBOX.

Colourful vegetables and fruit

With flavour and nutrient-dense food at the heart of Pollen + Grace’s ethos, Vanessa and I were lucky enough to sample their new 16-product collection to see if the brand was true to its word.

Here’s our favourites…


Mango + Turmeric Chia Pot, £4.50

Mango and chia pudding pot

This tropical mango and turmeric chia pudding featuring creamy coconut milk yoghurt with almond and buckwheat granola is just dreamy! I devoured the pot within minutes because it was just so incredibly tasty. What’s even better is that it kept me full till lunch and I didn’t have my usual hunger pangs at 11am! If you’re big on berries, Pollen + Grace also have an acai and blueberry chia pot in the new range.


The Detox Box, £7.50

Pollen and Grace's Detox box

My mid-week lunchbox heaven. Packed with sweet potato hummus, beetroot quinoa, a crunchy sprout salad, pomegranate jewels, sunflower seeds and a juicy wedge of lemon, this explosion of colour is fresh and filling. 100% natural with no nasties there’s no sugar slump or energy dip after this meal. I felt satisfied, alert and ready to tackle a busy afternoon in the office.

If you’re craving some meat the Probiotic Box with grilled chicken, crunchy kelp noodle slaw, fermented green papaya and mango chutney with miso dressing is just the ticket.

With temperatures on the rise, i’ll definitely be grabbing my workmates, a Pollen + Grace lunchbox and enjoying a picnic in the park all summer long!

Sweet treat

The Mojo Bar, £3.00

Pollen and Grace's Mojo Bar

I love a hot cup of something in the afternoon and Pollen + Grace’s Mojo Bar partners perfectly with my Twinings.

A deliciously, sweet caramel fudge crunch bar which includes maca, lucuma, ashwaganda superfood ingredients – proven to boost the libido (ooh err!) – this snack is going to set temperatures alight all over London!

The bar’s natural sweetness gives you just the hit you need around 3pm!

Post-gym pot

Protein Pot, £3.50

Protein pot from Pollen and Grace

With organic egg, lime scented black quinoa, edamame and a sprinkling of omega-3 seeds, this is the perfect pick-me-up post-workout. This yummy protein pot fed those tired muscles of mine and kept me going till my next meal without reaching for a sugary snack.

Pollen and Grace pot

Another favourite is the Fuel Pot, containing sundried tomato falafels with avocado and horseradish hummus, this pot is full of tasty goodness to keep energy levels sustained throughout the day.

The verdict

If I could afford to eat Pollen + Grace five days a week I would! Unfortunately my wage won’t allow but for anyone like me who’s looking to treat themselves to a delicious meal or snack every now and again this is a fantastic option.

Balance Box from Pollen and Grace

I like making healthy choices during the week and it’s good to know that Pollen + Grace are on hand to deliver food that is designed to help you heal, thrive and feel your absolute best. Thanks ladies!

As well as being stocked across the capital, you can order Pollen + Grace online and if you’re organising an alfresco garden party or picnic in the park this summer they provide catering too!

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Kat x

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  1. 25th July 2017 / 11:00 pm

    This food all looks amazing. I need to be more adventurous x

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