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CoppaFeel! Boob Brunch: trust your touch!

Pip and Nut on toast with strawberries at CoppaFeel! Boob Brunch

Gather the girls (and guys) and dive head first into breakfast, cool crafting and education with CoppaFeels!’s Boob Brunch. Come on you lovely lot…lets brunch for boobs!

Event: CoppaFeel! Boob Brunch hosted by Pip & Nut
Venue: The Hoxton
Location: Shoreditch, EC2A 3HU
Blowout or budget: £20 for a delicious brunch by Pip & Nut and a goodie bag!

Breast cancer charity CoppaFeel! is on a mission to diminish late detection of breast cancer by ensuring women (and men) know what signs to look out for when copping-a-feel. And what better way to raise awareness in the capital than by hosting a pop-up Boob Brunch. The charity kicked off proceedings with a bang and encourages everyone to get involved by hosting their own Boob Brunch to raise awareness and funds for CoppaFeel!

The fundamentals

Hosted in the ultra-trendy Hoxton hotel, we joined 20 brunch-loving humans for an unforgettable morning of food, crafting and education.

The low-down

As you all know by now, we love a good brunch with friends – so spending our Saturday morning diving head first into a bowl of delicious nut butter and learning about the importance of self-checking was something we were totally game for!

Pip and Nut stand at the Hoxton

Along with a ridiculously instagrammable brunch of Pip & Nut on toast, topped off with fruit and honey, we sat in on an inspirational talk from Alice, one of CoppaFeel!’s volunteer Boobettes.

The brilliant Boobettes

Aged between 18-35 the Boobettes are a group of volunteers who have had first-hand experience with breast cancer and come out the other side. They share their experiences of surviving breast cancer in order to help others feel empowered to check their breasts and inspired to take back ownership of their bodies after this horrendous disease.

Check your boobs slogan at CoppaFeel! Boob Brunch

Trust your touch

Along with the Boobettes, CoppaFeel! explained how they travel the country educating young men and women on the symptoms and signs of breast cancer. From looking for rashes to feeling for lumps and bumps – there’s a whole list of things we can all do to self-check.

Mindful craft

Post brunch, we were treated to a therapeutic crafts workshop with Poppy’s Papercuts. We put scalpel to paper, zoned out from the week’s stress and made beautifully intricate cuttings with CoppaFeel!’s ‘Trust your touch’ slogan.

Paper cutting

Come on you lovely lot… lets brunch!

With so many pop-up brunch opportunities in London, it was great to be able to give back to a charity and meet the inspirational workers behind the brand.

If you like the sound of our morning with CoppaFeel! why not host your own Boob Brunch? All you need to do is head to coppafeel.org/boobbrunch and register today. There’s lots of recipes and decoration ideas available online to get you started. It’s a great excuse to gather the gals to enjoy some fun and food in the name of boobs!

Amy x

Team boobs badge

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