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Vinyasa flow with Adam Husler and Manduka

Ladies doing yoga on rooftop

Looking for a yoga instructor that will understand you and your body? Meet Adam Husler, Manduka ambassador and one of the city’s most in demand teachers…

There’s never been so much interest in mindfulness, meditation and yoga as there is right now and in today’s world it’s more vital than ever to recognise when you’re doing too much.

As a nation we’re slowly discovering that making time for yoga in our busy lives can have a positive impact. By incorporating mindful movement into your routine people are slowly starting to see the benefits of a calmer, less cluttered mind and increased levels of concentration.

With hundreds of ‘mindful’ instructors and a plethora of beautiful yoga studios and styles to chose from in London, we’re certainly spoilt for choice. The problem is where to start…


For all newbies out there, Vinyasa flow yoga is one of the most popular, contemporary and widely practiced styles of yoga in London. Known for its fluidity of movements and poses, each sun salutation makes up a complex Vinyasa. Each movement in the sequence is cued by an inhalation or exhalation of the breath – acting as a natural and calming practice. Depending on your instructor some Vinyasa classes can fire up a lot of heat so be prepared to sweat!

Yoga on the rooftop of the Truman Brewery


Wednesday 21st June marked International Yoga Day and of course Brunch n Grind jumped at the opportunity to celebrate the day with Manduka and their ambassador Adam Husler.

Arriving for sunrise in Shoreditch, Adam took us through an hour’s Vinyasa on the rooftop of The Old Truman Brewery.

Adam Husler teaching yoga

Adam Husler is a big name in the yoga community and we’ve been trying to get to one of his classes for AGES. His classes feature intelligent alignment, patience, precision and fun sequencing that gives priority to mobility rather than flexibility. Adam’s classes really are for all levels and this rooftop session was no different!

What’s even more incredible is that Adam managed to take us through the whole class with a broken foot! Let’s just say he made it look very easy and graceful. The 50-minute class ended with a 10-minute relaxing Shavasana (our favourite part!) to restore our bodies, calm our minds and prepare us for the busy day ahead.

Relaxing shavasana on the rooftop of the Truman Brewery

During the class we were also lucky enough to try out the brand new Manduka eKO mats. These mats have been designed to provide a grippy surface and prevent any slips or movement of the hands and feet whilst practicing. Made from tree-rubber in an array of beautiful colours and styles, the mats support both us and our planet – they get a big Brunch n Grind thumbs up! 

And, of course, post-yoga practise had to be followed with a vitalising breakfast of fruits, pastries, cold-press juices and caffeine to kick-start #humpday!

Group of women with Adam Husler


Adam made us feel completely comfortable and the class certainly left us feeling centred and zen – just what we needed to give us that final push through to Friday.

If we’ve inspired you to try any of Adam’s classes, be sure to check out his varied class timetable here. From Vinyasa to Hot Yoga basics, there’s something for all tastes. Give it a go and let us know how you got on in the comments below.

And if you happen to book into one of Adam’s classes at Heartcore Notting Hill, make sure you pop to Farm Girl for a brunch that won’t disappoint! The turmeric latte and baked eggs with bacon chips will give your usual breakfast a run for its money.

Amy x

Turmeric latte and oven baked eggs

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