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Be:Fit takeover at Un1t Fulham

Un1t gym floor
Gymania: are you up for the Trooper challenge?

London’s newest fitness concept has hit West London. A circuit class with a competitive twist…

Event: Be:Fit takeover
Venue: UN1T Fulham
Location: SW6 2UL

The fundamentals:

Teamwork is the name of the game as you push yourself and your training buddies around a 14-station circuit for 40 minutes! From sweaty sled runs and deadball slams to killer core Russian twists and planks, there really is no time to clock watch.

Circuit training exercises on TV
Buddy up: grab your workout BFF for a high octane workout

The low-down:

Hearing news that owner Rob Smyth, from the infamous F45 London Bridge, had launched a new HIIT-style studio over in west London, Vanessa and I were keen to try out the athletic conditioning endurance class at this month’s Be:Fit takeover.

Rob and his coaches went through each exercise in detail before the class started, while Vanessa and I exchanged nervous glances as we gulped our water. Luckily, there was no time to think about the 14 stations, 40 minutes and relentless rounds of circuits to come because before we knew it we were warming up on the gym floor with UN1T’s resident DJ.

Trooper at Un1t. Exercise bikes
Cool down: the Air Dyne bike is your friend

Pairing up with Vanessa we started out on deadball slams, moving through to kettlebell swings, landmine squat presses, dumbell overhead holds, plyometric jumps and lots more. A firm favourite of the circuit was the Air Dyne bike which generated enough wind to fan the sweat away and make us look like we were in a music video!

Talk about timing

The timing of the class isn’t structured and you switch between stations as soon as your teammates on the sled run have raced down the track and completed 4 sprints. However, with everyone shouting and encouraging you to push through the pain you quickly find the extra burst of energy you need to move everyone on to the next station. Being a tad competitive I particularly enjoyed the sled runs with Vanessa.

Girls working out on gym floor
Work it: teamwork is the name of the game

It’s on

UN1T’s motto ‘We train as one’ is the epitome of their Trooper class because it’s a real team effort to cross the finish line. It didn’t take long to forget the burning sensation in my muscles because I was genuinely having fun and looking forward to switching stations and exercises. There’s no time for fitness fatigue here.

Right to refuel

Forty minutes later and drenched in sweat, we’d completed the class. High fives all round.

Vegan nachos from the Mindful Chef
Load up: these quinoa-chilli nachos went down a treat

Thankfully the lovely girls at Be:Fit were on hand to give us cold chocolate protein shakes, yummy nachos from the Mindful Chef and a cooling acai berry sorbet for dessert from Sambazon. Manicurists were on hand to leave our fingers feeling fab and there were mini-massages on offer to relax those tired muscles. What more could a girl want?!

Acai berry sorbet
Super sorbet: there were too many topping to choose from so we had them all

The verdict:

It’s clear to see that creativity and variation is at the core of UN1T’s ethos. I’m converted to group training, not only do you push yourself as hard as possible to help your teammates out, you also get to make lots of new friends. Commit to a couple of classes a week and you’re guaranteed to see results.

Take the challenge

UN1T is offering new members a free 7-day trial, so why not buddy up with your BFF and try something new? Head to unitlondon.co.uk and when booking a session select ‘UN1T Group Fitness’ from the online store tab.

Also, make sure you follow Be:Fit London as they have loads of great pop-up events across London. Every takeover features a 45-60 minute boutique class followed by beauty treatments, hair braiding, manicures and more. Plus, there’s always plenty of refuel snacks and shakes from their partners, and an incredible goody bag. It’s a great way to meet a sociable group of fitness-loving women and be a part of the incredible community. We can’t wait for the next one!
Kat x


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