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Sweatlife festival: what not to miss

Sweatlife festival

Sweatlife festival is back this weekend for its third year and it’s bigger and better than ever! Get ready for two days of sweat, yoga, thought-provoking talks and, of course, beautiful Lululemon activewear

What to expect

With a predicted 5,000 guests over the weekend, Lululemon’s Sweatlife festival is a real celebration of the ever-evolving and expanding fitness and wellbeing scene across London. Whether you’re sensational on a spin bike or hot on HIIT, there’s a class for everyone under one roof.

Expect every studio to be there: the likes of Frame, Heartcore, Kobox, Psycle, UN1T, and Third Space are all scheduled to host sweat sessions. And fear not, if you’ve never tried any of the workouts on the jam-packed schedule, they’ll be intro classes for first-timers who want to learn their ‘tap backs’ from their ‘dips’ in spin, to those looking for a little more guidance on tricky yoga moves such as the chaturanga and crow.

Yoga class

Let’s talk

If you fancy peppering your workouts with some thought-provoking conversation, Lululemon will also be hosting lots of speaker sessions throughout the weekend. Encouraging discussion around topics such as diversity, body positivity and work/life balance. Expect to hear from the likes of Carly Rowena, Melissa Hemsley, Annie Clarke AKA @mind_body_bowl and many more.

Annie Clarke from Mind Body Bowl

Fuel up

Of course, no fitness festival will be complete without some delicious treats. Neat Nutrition will be fueling us between workouts with protein-packed smoothies and you’ll be able to fall straight from barre to bar and have a well-deserved glass of bubbles at the end of the day!

Here’s our round-up of what not to miss over the weekend…

Saturday 23 June

9:30am Third Space – The WOD

AKA Workout of the Day, expect EMOMs (every minute on the minute) and AMRAPs (as many reps/rounds as possible) using body weight and free weights as standard. Be prepared to dig deep and push hard. We trialled the class at Sweatlife’s pre-launch party last week and can vouch for feelings of euphoria post class!

Man working out

10am DOSE Magazine Presents: Is Health the new Hedonism? Featuring our favourite meditation guru Will Williams

Having been to one of Will’s meditation courses myself you’ll find me front row for this discussion! From 90’s raves in super clubs to pedal parties in the likes of BOOM and One 10, we’ve come a long way in the pursuit for pleasure. Will’s take on handling stress, anxiety and digital media in the modern world is something not to be missed.

1pm My Week in Workouts with Amy Hopkinson, digital editor of Women’s Health

Let’s be honest, when you live in London and you’re busy AF, finding time to balance work and workouts can be a tricky one. Join Amy Hopkinson AKA @wellness_ed for an honest talk on finding balance. SPOILER: you don’t need to spend your life in the gym. Hallelujah!

Run Junkie Skillmill

3:30pm Run Junkie

Runners unite! Lace up your sneakers and get ready to go from zero to hero. Using curved treadmills and real-time data this run club is fun, invigorating and powered by you. Whether you’re the next Mo Farah or a complete beginner, everyone is welcome to experience this cardio craze. Have a read of our class review »

4pm Bryony Gordon – Eat, Drink Run: How I got fit without going too mad!

Fellow Telegraph colleague and mega-babe Bryony Gordon takes to the stage to lay her life bare. A dawdler, a drinker, a smoker, yes. A runner, no. Discover how Bryony ditched the drink and took to the road in her undies with plus-size model Jada Sezer to run this year’s London marathon. This girl doesn’t mince her words, expect real talk and a good ab workout as she’ll have you laughing the whole way through!  

Sunday 24 June

9:30am Manor – Boxcon (for beginners)

Run by a group of former athletes who believe in no gimmicks, fads, flashy lights and egos. Think nitty gritty London and a bit less LA LA, this class focuses on bagwork with attitude. You’ll learn to move, think and punch like a boxer. Suitable for absolute beginners looking to perfect their technique and learn boxing from THE BEST.

12pm Body Positivity with Claire Sanderson, editor of Women’s Health, Carly Rowena, Jada Sezer and Melissa Hemsley

Gather as the ultimate girl gang take to the stage to host a dynamic discussion on body positivity. With conversations around body image and truly loving yourself for who you are, it’s time we stopped being so hard on ourselves and started celebrating how unique and beautiful we really are. HELL YEAH!

Frame slogan

12:30pm Frame – HIIT and Chill

Oh hey Framers! Hands down my favourite studio in the city. This workout has been designed especially for over-stimulated Londoners – THANK YOU! Starting with a combination of HIIT exercises using weights and plyometric movements to get the heart racing and sweat dripping, you’ll then be taken through to a series of fascia release techniques using a small massage ball. As the hard work winds down you’ll then be lead into a blissful sound bath with meditation to help even the most amped up adrenaline junkie chill the f*ck out!


2:45pm Global Yoga Group Class

Feel the energy and shake the world yogis. Join Lululemon ambassadors Janet Stone, Chelsea Jackson Roberts, Baron Baptiste and Gabby Bernstein as they practise together for the first time. This special class is designed to include four diverse practices and is guaranteed to inspire your practice and reconnect you to yourself. WARNING: this class is going to go off!

Grab your ticket

So you’re probably wondering how to get hold of the hottest ticket in town this weekend? Grab your tickets at lululemon.co.uk, there’s day passes, weekend passes and even the Sweatlife Essentials pass which includes Lululemon’s limited edition festival print (girls will get the Speed Wunder Tight and guys the Pace Breaker Short and the Somatic Tee) a water bottle and Neat Nutrition smoothie! You can also see the full schedule here »

See you there!

Kat x

Girl at Sweatlife festival

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