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Get ready to Sweat IT! at this brand new studio

Move over Barry’s Bootcamp & 1Rebel, there’s a new kid on the block called Sweat IT and it’s certainly not for the faint hearted…

Venue: Sweat IT
Class: Compound60
Location: 4 Kean Street, London, WC2B 4AS
Blowout or budget: Introduction offer is 3 classes for £20!

Sweat. The ultimate goal in any workout. Whether it be HIIT, vinyasa or a weights session, we strive for those all-important beads of perspiration. That’s how we know we’ve really pushed ourselves and let’s be honest, is there any better feeling than leaving a class glowing like a tomato, sky high on endorphins?! Well, that’s exactly how I felt leaving Sweat IT!


Sweat IT Aldwych launched in January 2018 as a luxury, urban space with 20 rigs, 18 treadmills and an unfiltered, raw approach to functional training. The classes are designed to shock your body (ouch). Think speed, strength and endurance sessions with the promise to constantly switch up the class content to ensure each muscle group is targeted for those all-important heart rate spikes! Choose from a number of brilliantly named classes: Heart & Hustle, Engine Room, Machine Guns, Ripped & Stripped, Pillar Killar or Compound60. We gave Compound60 a go and here’s our verdict…


Compound60. A full-body, 60-minute sweat fest, incorporating big compound movements designed to fully engage every muscle group in your body.

The low-lit studio is centered around a bespoke rig with an impressive line-up of strength training gear including landmines, Olympic bars, power bands and brand-spanking new Technogym SKILLRUN treadmills!

Sweat IT rig


We arrived at the sleek and shiny new studio early one Saturday morning, met with our trainer Taofique (@folarinfitness) ready to get stuck in – sweat towels at the ready! At 10am sharp the studio doors were opened, lights dimmed, music on and then it was all go-go-go!

Starting in the rig, we were met with landmine presses, pull up bars, free weights and resistance bands – a little intimidating at first – but we were ready to get our sweat on!

Then came a combination of landmine squats, burpees, deadlifts and push-ups and soon we were well on our way to feeling the burn.

If like me, you feel you need a bit of cardio in your workout, this class ticks the box! With the first 10-minute round on the rig complete, it was straight on to interval sprints and hill sprints.

Sweat IT treadmills

Alternating between the rig and running a further three times meant the hour-long class flew by. Each rig section focused on a different muscle group starting with legs, then finishing with an ab-blast with the option to up the weight and push your body, or maintain the weight and nail your form.

Our instructor Taofique was careful to check that everyone in the class was working at a level that suited them and provided alternative exercises for those with injuries or niggly knees. The interval sprints really helped to break-up the class and further promote the all-important ‘sweat’ element!


By the end of the 60-minute class, I was totally high on endorphins and felt my body had been worked to its max. I followed the instructions to a T throughout and truly did ‘Sweat IT’.

The trainers bring high energy and a playlist that really gets you going. And if you’re craving a protein hit after class, there’s an Innermost fuel bar on site, so you can pre-order your shake and have it ready and waiting for you post-workout. Result!

Yes, the class is hard and you will sweat buckets, but it’s so worth it. After a few classes, we’re certain you’d start to reap all the benefits Sweat IT promises. So whether you’re looking to sculpt your biceps, trim down or just have fun, we’re confident Sweat IT will deliver.

Find out more about Sweat IT and to book yourself into a class at sweat-it.com and be sure to let us know your verdict in the comments below.

Amy x

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