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Hotpod yoga in Brixton: tried, tested and sweated

Hotpod Yoga in Brixton

Hot yoga has never been so accessible with inflatable heated cocoons springing up all over London. We went to check out Hotpod Yoga Brixton and get our sweat on

Venue: Hotpod Yoga Brixton
Class: Flow (beginner or intermediate)
Location: 40 St Matthew’s Road, Brixton, London, SW2 1NL
Blowout or budget: One single class is £14 and never expires. There’s also an intro offer for £15 which is valid for 7 days and gives you unlimited credits!

Deep twist yoga pose at Hotpod Yoga

The fundamentals

Housed in an inflatable pod, Hotpod Yoga Brixton aims to bring transformative mental and physical benefits to everyone, everywhere. The dimly-lit purple studio is heated to 37 degrees, which creates a warm and cosy bubble to escape the outside world for 60 minutes of bliss.
Having launched in 2013 with several temporary pop-ups across London, Hotpod Yoga has since grown into Europe’s largest yoga business with studios across the UK and beyond, now with three permanent homes in London: Hackney, Brixton and Notting Hill.
Side plank pose at Hotpod Yoga

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The low-down

Unlike the dry heat and militant sequence of Bikram yoga, Hotpod Yoga’s approach is to refresh and stimulate the body and mind with an invigorating flow sequence. Classes include Vinyasa sun salutations and focus on the breath, with a series of challenging moves designed to strengthen, tone and detox. Hypnotic scents, slow tempo beats and dim lighting guide you to another world – all the while burning around 700 calories!
With the pod zipped shut, it only takes a few moments to adjust to the balmy temperature inside. Hotpod Yoga says that the additional heat helps the body melt into the practice. Those extra degrees promote deeper flexibility in the body and as the heart beats faster, you get a better cardiovascular workout, too.
Head to floor yoga pose at Hotpod Bricton
Hotpod yoga is suitable for all levels and abilities, the classes are gently taught with the reminder that it is okay to stop and take child’s pose if the heat become too intense. The low-lighting heightens self-confidence and pushes you to reach further with every yogic breath.
Holding up to 20 people per class, the classes never feel overcrowded and there’s still space for each instructor to weave in and out of every downward dog offering support and modifications.

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Top tips for hot yoga beginners

  1. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and stay hydrated during the class
  2. Take advantage of the heat: warmer muscles = new levels of flexibility!
  3. Take child’s pose whenever you need. Yoga is a lifelong practice, there’s no competition.
  4. Use props: straps and blocks can help get your alignment right
  5. Have fun and don’t take it too seriously!

Warrior pose at Hotpod Yoga

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The verdict

The 37 degree heat certainly helps you melt into each posture, and leaves you feeling physically and mentally refreshed post class. It is easy to understand the growing appeal of hot yoga as you feel like every muscle in your body has been worked and stretched.
Just remember to pack a towel and big bottle of water – trust us, you’ll need it!

Brunch time

Remember those 700 calories you just burnt? Why not refuel your body with a delicious brunch from Salon Brixton after your Hotpod Yoga sesh? It’s a fab place if you love seasonal and inventive food with a twist. We had slow cooked tomatoes on focaccia topped with salsa verde – washed down with a Bloody Mary because, well, we deserved it!
If we’ve inspired you to brave the heat, be sure to check out the various classes at any of the three Hotpod Yoga locations across London. Give it a go and let us know your verdict in the comments below.

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