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Active When On Lunch: Free fitness on your lunch break in Covent Garden

It’s time to go AWOL! Until the end of May, the guys at Red Bull are helping us make the most of our lunch breaks by getting Active When On Lunch

According to Dr Juliet McGrattan, author of Sorted: The Active Woman’s Guide to Health, leaving your desk at lunchtime can transform your health, help you reach your fitness goals and make you more successful at work, even if it’s only for 10 minutes.

Exercise can improve concentration levels and the repetitive nature of a run, swim or brisk walk has been found to have a meditative effect which is perfect for stimulating the problem-solving part of our brains.

A study from Stanford University found that people are 60 percent more creative while they’re walking, so if you’ve been struggling with a task in the morning, lunchtime exercise may be just the thing to put you on track for a productive afternoon.

We’ve all been there, right? Something is kicking off at work and rather than stop for an hour to give your eyes a rest, move around and eat mindfully, you plough on through an endless stream of emails and tasks. This used to be me every single day at my office job at The Telegraph, but not anymore.

After various back and shoulder issues, a general lack of energy and burnout, I decided my health was of utmost importance and now everyday I prioritise taking a break to go for a walk or the gym. The emails can wait.

This is why we’re so excited by Red Bull’s latest campaign ‘Active When On Lunch’ (or AWOL for short). The drinks brand that’s famous for ‘giving you wings’ has partnered with some of London’s top gyms, including UN1TONYXBandforceMilo and The Bull and athlete Sophie Grace Holmes to offer free lunchtime classes at their HQ in Covent Garden!

Classes are completely free, just sign up here and select your class and for those who can’t get to central London on their lunch breaks, there’s a series of workout videos and advice online by the likes of Laura Hoggins (aka Biceps), so there really is no excuse not to get moving on your lunch break this month!

Here’s the line up:

Tuesday 28th May: Sophie Grace Holmes – HIIT with a twist

This class is designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness while challenging your strength and mind with energetic bodyweight movements – all abilities are welcome. Sophie will educate you in new ways to unlock your potential, which can help in all areas of your life, from your fitness goals in and out of the gym to becoming more motivated and focussed.

Wednesday 22nd & 29th May: Milo and The Bull – Strength & Endurance

This high energy, intense, conditioning session will provide a fat burning combination of cardiovascular and strength work that will push you to the limit.

Thursday 23rd & 30th May: Onyx – Dynamic Movement & Mobility

This class is designed to improve range of movement, increase muscular strength, alleviate pain and prevent injury, as well as improve your performance in the gym. Expect a relaxed, fun atmosphere, geared to unlocking your movement potential whilst educating you on new ways to challenge your body.

Friday 24th & 31st May: UN1T – Cardio Ally Workout

Allegiances will be necessary to complete this partner-based high-intensity class made up of cardio-based AMRAP. Complete the amount of reps per exercise within the given amount of time with your Ally and get stronger together!

So what are you waiting for? Get Active When On Lunch! Sign up here »

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Vanessa x

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