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Fit & Flexi at Pineapple Dance Studios, Covent Garden

The outside of Pineapple Dance Studios

A pulse-raising party at Pineapple Dance Studios, Fit & Flexi is a three-in-one workout perfect for Londoners who are looking to let their hair down and shake their fineapples!

Venue: Pineapple Dance Studios
Class: Fit & Flexi
Location: Covent Garden, WC2H 9JA
Blowout or budget: £8 per class, a bargain if you ask us!

The fundamentals:

Leave your inhibitions at the door as you sweat, strengthen and lengthen your body to the latest tunes. Pretend you’re Queen B for an hour and strut out of Pineapple Dance Studios feeling sassy and sexy!

The low-down:

Keen to try something different for you guys, Vanessa and I thought a dance-inspired fitness class might be just the ticket. We’re not dancers but the thought of ditching the treadmill to let our inner divas out sounded fun.

Ali Trowsdale with the Brunch n Grind girls

Fit & Flexi is split into three sections…


Prepare to perspire with a variation of simple choreographed moves. Ali (pictured above) soon has you dancing around the studio with a unique high-intensity dance cardio blast. Worried about having two left feet? Don’t be. The moves are simple enough to pick up and after 20 minutes you’ll be striking a pose and twerking like there’s no tomorrow!


As soon as those endorphins are pumping you then focus on sculpting your arms, ass and abs the Ali way. You’ll be dropping squats, perfecting that plank and enjoying lots of burpees to strengthen that hot bod of yours. It doesn’t take long for the burn to set in but the Fit &Flexi playlist carries you through.


Once you’ve got a booty like Beyoncé the final part of the class is dedicated to the mat and lengthening out those lovely lean limbs. A series of deep stretches sees you touching your toes and working on your splits. It’s a lovely way to wind down, relax and finish the class.

Ali Trowsdale

The verdict:

For anyone who loves a sweaty sesh and to channel their inner RiRi while working out, this is the class for you. Ali does a fab job of making you feel at ease and with our newfound dance moves we’ll be booking in for one of her special Beyoncé bootycamps very soon.

A happy hour without the hangover, make sure you head to Pineapple Dance Studios and give this class a go.

Book into Fit & Flexi every Monday from 12-1pm and 8-9pm and keep an eye on Facebook for special weekend bootycamps – a great excuse to get the girl gang together! And why not grab some scrummy food and a delicious juice after from 26 Grains which is conveniently just around the corner.

Kat x


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