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Doughnut Run Club: what better motivation to get moving?

Doughnut Run Club head over Millennium Bridge to St Paul's CathedralDRC is a running club with a difference: the routes are planned around one of our favourite sweet treats and ultimate guilty pleasures…

Struggling to keep your running up now the nights are drawing in? We’ve all been there! But fear not, we’ve found a solution. Whether your training for a half marathon, looking to increase your speed or keen to try all the tasty treats you can get your hands on, London’s newest running club Doughnut Run Club has you covered!

Venue: Check Instagram for each week’s meeting point: @doughnut_run_club
Location: Different location across London every Saturday or Sunday
Budget or blowout: FREE – just bring pocket money!

It’s no secret that after any form of exercise, refuelling is key. And as you all know, us girls LOVE to brunch and explore all the wonderful foodie secrets London has on offer. So, when the Doughnut Run Club popped up on our explore page and we saw that tasty treats were on offer, we jumped at the chance to lace up and hit the streets of London.



Every weekend, join the Doughnut Run Club founders – Lucy, Rich and Lloyd – as well as a lovely bunch of like-minded doughnut lovers, for a leisurely-paced run to some of the best doughnut spots in London. The club is focused on building new relationships, instilling confidence in your running abilities and rewarding yourself with doughy goodness. Why didn’t we think of this?!


Doughnuts by Rinkoff Bakeries



As the date for my half-marathon gets closer week-by-week, any differentiation of route and incentive to get those miles in is very welcome. And as a post-workout treat-lover, this club seemed made for me!

Half-marathon training in itself is hard, and harder again in the winter months. Cold and dark mornings equal winter lethargy, something I’ve become quite familiar with. The summer months when I couldn’t wait to put on my trainers and run through the beautiful parks of London are long gone. The answer to overcome the dreaded winter blues? Run clubs, and even better, run clubs with treats! Ever heard the phrase ‘training for treats?’ well it couldn’t seem more appropriate than here.

Joining any new club, regardless of the sport, can seem daunting but the best part of DRC is that all abilities and capabilities are welcome. The pace? You decide. There is no competitiveness, no pretence and most importantly, no judgement. Lucy, Rich and Lloyd make it abundantly clear from the outset, that it is all about having fun, meeting new people and rewarding yourself because you deserve it.


Rinkoffs Bakeries' cherry bakewell doughnut


The first week I joined Doughnut Run Club, we met at the Tate Modern 10am sharp for a 10:05 start, on a beautifully crisp winter morning. Having completed my ‘long run’ for the week, 6km was exactly what my legs needed to recover, and ensure I could still actually walk.

Introductions done, we set off on our 6k journey to Rinkoff Bakeries in Aldgate for their infamous crodough. Now, if you’re not familiar with the crodough food group, fear not, we’re here to educate.

It’s a mash up of the croissant and the doughnut: think crumbly and doughy goodness all in one bite. Incentive enough to get us through the 6k? Absolutely.

I went for the Cherry Bakewell crodough and it was utterly sublime, I highly recommend it. But the best bit? It tasted even better knowing I had really earnt it.

Doughnut Run Club outside Rinkoffs Bakeries


While we love our green juices and protein shakes, we also LOVE treating ourselves. Brunch n Grind is much more than exercising to work off those delicious brunches. It’s about finding balance, treating ourselves and meeting new friends along the way.

Doughnut Run Club is the perfect club that ticks all those boxes, and I can assure you all, we will definitely be back!

Do you know of any great free run clubs we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below.

Amy x

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