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Digme Blackfriars studio launches new Matrix class

Digme Fitness Matrix class Blackfriars studio

July saw the expansion of Digme Fitness with a new studio launch in Blackfriars Station. We were invited to try the new Matrix class and here’s our verdict!

Venue: Digme Blackfriars
Class: Matrix in the Energy Lab
Location: Platform 2, Blackfriars Station, EC4V 4DY
Blowout or budget:  Digme works on a credits system so the more you buy the cheaper classes get. There’s currently an intro offer of 10 days unlimited credits + 1 buddy credit for £20 – bargain!

Kat, Vanessa & Amy at Digme Blackfriars


Digme Fitness is now recognised as providing some of the best quality gym classes in the UK, offering world-class indoor Ride sessions and Matrix HIIT classes on both sides of the river.

The latest venue, located on Platform 2 of Blackfriars Station exists as the most convenient location for thousands of London commuters to stop by and sweat it out. The boutique studio also has locations in Oxford, Richmond and Moorgate.

Brunch n Grind at Digme Blackfriars


Our Matrix class was led by Dan Little, Digme’s Head of Fitness, and took place in the appropriately named ‘Energy Lab’. The class is split into three elements, ‘run, move and condition’ and after pledging we would deliver our best efforts, we began.

Brunch n Grind on the SkillMills at Digme Blackfriars

First up was a cardio blast on the SkillMills, which are curved treadmills powered by your own momentum. Next, we dived onto the floor for ‘primal’ moves, or as Dan described it a killer set of exercises strenuously targeting every muscle in the body. Last but not least, was the conditioning section of the class, where we took on TRX straps and kettlebells.

Digme Blackfriars treadmill

Each section is completed three times; so be prepared to seriously sweat as the Digme Fitness team ensure you receive a full-body workout! The class is great for challenging yourself and finding that little bit extra to push you beyond those comfort zones you might not normally exceed.

Conditioning TRX at Digme Blackfriars


Don’t fancy HIIT with a twist? Take on a Ride class instead. Digme has re-invented spin creating an unforgettable experience. The studio is set up like an arena, creating a completely immersive and intense experience. All bikes are hooked-up to screens at the front of class displaying scenic routes as you pedal your way through the burn.

Ride class at Digme Blackfriars

One of the most unique features of Digme Ride, is the personal data you can access during your class. Calories burnt, speed, distance and heart rate are all logged, but be sure you don’t forget to check out the leaderboard – great if you’ve got that competitive nature! All stats are emailed to you post ride so you’re able to track your progress and improve week on week. Ride is all about music, performance, stats and sweat – and trust us, there won’t be a dry shirt left in the house!

Post-class endorphins at Digme Blackfriars


There is a strong sense of community and friendship at Digme, where you’re remembered and all success is celebrated. Cycling shoes are provided, as well as deluxe shower products from Cowshed and Dyson hairdryers – adding to that extra bit of post-workout luxury. As if that wasn’t enough, the grab-and-go fridge for delicious protein shakes and smoothies post-workout is also a win and ensures you leave the studio feeling refreshed and refuelled ready to take on your day.

Holding 96 classes a week and running a pay-as-you-go credit system, the studio’s ethos of ‘no contracts, just results’ is just another reason why Digme has managed to create such an appealing concept. That sense of regaining control over fitness with more emphasis on our wellbeing is just one of the main reasons why we can’t wait to go back!

Digme Blackfriars team


Digme has teamed up with Aviary Terrace and are running a pop-up summer series of ‘HIIT The Roof’. Each class lasts 50 minutes, and replaces the SkillMills with spin bikes. Followed by delicious PRESS London smoothies, what are you waiting for? Book your ticket now! Catch the final two classes on 25th August at 7am or 8am.

Top tip: Book a half day on Friday and enjoy brunch with your mates at the Montcalm’s Burdock restaurant on the ground floor!

Amy x

Digme aviary rooftop hiit on the roof



    • 28th August 2017 / 6:02 pm

      Their spin classes are lots of fun Cat and it’s great to see your progress as the weeks go on!

  1. KK
    3rd July 2018 / 10:23 am

    Do they charge 1 credit per every class?

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