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BOOM Cycle: Friday night has never felt so good

Boom cycle retro spin bike
Ride of your life: a colourful graffiti bike welcomes you into the world of BOOM Cycle

Bike. Beats. BOOM! Brunch n Grind booked into BOOM Cycle to see if they could pedal their way into the weekend with an immersive spin class


Class: Spin
Studio: BOOM Cycle
Location: Holborn, WC1V 6NX
Blowout or budget: £16 for 1 ride

The fundamentals:

Low lights, a world-class sound system, a bike and one high-energy instructor are the essentials for a 45 minute spin party.

Boom cycle members in a spin class having fun
Pump up the volume: at BOOM Cycle you choose your instructor based on their Spotify playlist

The low-down:

After visiting Stylist Live in October and meeting BOOM Cycle founders Hilary and Robert Rowland, both Vanessa and I were keen to try out one of London’s trendiest spin studios to see what all the fuss was about. After a little bit of research on Instagram we discovered free prosecco was on offer to all that attended the final Friday night fitness class. Naturally we signed up straight away.

Dashing out of work at 5.30pm, we arrived with enough time to swap our heels for a pair of sexy spin shoes and to be given our designated bikes.

Ready to pedal, we ventured into the pitch black studio with it’s pumping music to get clipped in. Our instructor was the super beautiful Hannah Frankson, Hannah ensured her Spotify playlist was brimming with uplifting tracks to power us through the next 45 minutes. There was definitely a nightclub feel in the air, however the dim lights were great for blocking any distractions and the music channelled your mind so in the end it was just you, your bike and your goals for the class.

The Boom cycle crew
Cycle crew: come sunrise or sunset these guys are on hand to get your endorphins going


With Hannah commanding the floor and pushing us into the weekend with fist pumps and her kick ass attitude, you’ll be glad to hear we sprinted across the finish line!

After a quick shower (complete with fancy REN toiletries) and a visit to the beauty bar with it’s abundance of hair dryers, straighteners, brushes and face wipes we were definitely ready for a well earned glass of Friday fizz.

And what goes hand in hand with a glass of fizz? SHOPPING! With a stylish boutique in the studio to peruse I couldn’t help but get excited over all the outfits and accessories to buy. However, looking bright and colourful in the corner of my eye were six sets of HI DOLL kink-free hair ties. I decided to treat myself. I’m now looking forward to doing a workout at lunch and letting my kink-free hair back down for the afternoon. Plus, the ties look super cute on your wrist!

Hi Doll hair ties
Hair heaven: kink-free locks courtesy of HI DOLL

The verdict:

I’m not naturally a cardio person, so signing up for this class was a little daunting. However, I’m converted. This is a great class for first timers looking to kick start their fitness routine and for the hardened cyclists wanting to get off the icy roads this winter.

Hannah’s enthusiasm was infectious, I raved my way into the weekend and was high as a kite off the endorphins. A winning Friday night if you ask me! So what are you waiting for? Go join the party…

Kat x

Prosecco and boom cycle signage
Cheers to the weekend: enjoy some Friday fizz at BOOM Cycle

Right now BOOM Cycle is offering new riders three classes for £29, find out more and book at boom.cycle.co.uk

Also, be sure to follow HI DOLL on Instagram and Twitter and treat your locks this Christmas!



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