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Be:FIT does UFC: a workout for body and brain

Twice The Health kickboxing
Smashing it: Emily from Twice The Health practices her power sidekick

Looking to banish brain fog but you’re not into yoga or meditation? We’ve found the perfect UFC-inspired class for you at Gymbox Farringdon…

Event: Be:FIT takeover
Venue: Gymbox
Class: Be:FIT does UFC
Location: Farringdon, EC1N 7SS

The fundamentals

A full body cardio workout that gets you to kick, punch, knee and elbow hanging punchbags. Expect loud and proud music with a heavy baseline to keep those arms and legs pumping!

The low-down

Quickly becoming the number one workout for us ladies who want to create strong, toned bods there’s now more and more women padding up and giving the punchbags a pummelling. Loved by the likes of Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss, stepping into the ring not only torches the calories and fights the fat, but did you know it’s also a fantastic way to relieve anxiety and punch out the day’s stress?

Keen to try something different with our newly-found Be:FIT fam, Vanessa and I thought a UFC-inspired fitness class at Gymbox Farringdon would be just what we needed. After what seemed like half an hour trying to figure out how our wrists wraps worked we knew we were in for a night of girly giggles.

Girl strapping her wrists up with boxing wraps
Wrap it up: increasing our punching power with hand wraps

Smashing a quick warm-up and a blast of push-ups we were ready to roll with the punches. The 45-minute sweat-inducing workout started off with an introduction to light jabbing. Pairing up with another Be:FIT buddy, one of us held the bag while the other practised their jabbing technique as fast as they could for 30 seconds, then we switched.

Girl doing pushups
Drop and give me 10: Emily from Twice The Health powers through push-ups

Once comfortable with our jabs, our instructor got us honing our hooks our understanding our uppercuts. Teaching us a series of basic punching combinations we were quickly bouncing around like wannabe Muhammad Alis.

For the second half of the class we practiced side and roundhouse kicks. There’s something very satisfying about slamming the life out of a punchbag the size of an actual human!

Girl practicing sidekicks holding onto rope of boxing ring
Practice makes perfect: Vanessa and I slamming sidekicks against the boxing ring

Bringing together all our new moves, we ran through some trickier boxing combinations and faster sequences. It was fun trying to keep up with the increasing complexity while trying to work on the power of our punches.

Fitness trainer Stephanie Williams
Box fresh: fitness trainer Stephanie Williams makes UFC training look a breeze

Time was up and 45-minutes down I was feeling pretty exhausted. Sipping my water and trying to catch my breath, I stood and watched a group of girls in the boxing ring taking part in another class. I never thought a combat-style class would be my thing but not only is it a great alternative to traditional cardio such as running or spin, it’s also a fantastic workout for the mind.

Girl laughing and clapping
Girly giggles: you’re guaranteed a night of fun with the Be:FIT fam

The verdict

What resonates the most is how powerful this type of fitness is for the brain and managing stress levels. If you’re looking to lift brain fog and find yourself struggling with the more spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation, then this is for you! Not only does boxing eradicate tension and anger, it’s also a fantastic self-confidence booster. Team this with post-workout treats from Frill and Oatly as well as getting to know other lovely girls within the Be:FIT community leaves you feeling pretty high on happiness. So ladies… what I say is have the confidence to try something new (whether on your own or with your workout buddy) and I promise this class will not disappoint!

Miesha Tate
Hero highlight: giving us training tips and selfie opportunities, UFC champion Miesha Tate made a special appearance

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