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Barre workout review: what’s the deal?


Red brick wall with Frame signage
Take me to the barre: drop the phrase ‘on pointe’ in a gym nowadays and you’re immediately in with the dance squad

Brunch n Grind dropped into Frame Victoria’s Barre workout to see if they could plié their way through the 60 minute ballet-inspired class

Class: Barre
Studio: Frame
Location: Victoria, SW1V 1JZ
Blowout or budget: £13 for 60 minutes 

The fundamentals:

The Barre workout consists of a series of low-intensity fat-burning intervals. The 60-minute class fuses a combination of postures inspired by ballet and other disciplines such as yoga and pilates. The exercises are designed to increase strength and flexibility to create beautiful long, lean muscles.

Frame Barre workout exercises
Take me to the barre: drop the phrase ‘on pointe’ in a gym nowadays and you’re immediately in with the dance squad

The low-down:

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Frame, so when Vanessa and I discovered that a studio had opened around the corner from our office in Victoria, we set out on a mission to try as many classes as possible. First up: the ballet-inspired Barre class.

Having taken my exams with the Royal Academy of Dance in my younger days, I was excited to get back to the barre and reminisce over a plié or two. Would I nail my ballet turn-out fifteen years later?

Frame Barre Plie workout
Plié and poise: technique is everything

The class is broken down to work three different areas of the body.  Starting with a resistance band wrapped around the barre you work the arms, then you then move onto an intense leg and glute workout, followed by a hardcore abs session. Throughout the class, the focus is on perfecting your ballerina posture.

Once you’ve mastered the moves, you really start to notice the benefits of the small, pulsing reps that are designed to work your body to fatigue. Add ankle weights, dumbbells and a pilates ball to the equation and your legs are soon quivering. While the instructor elegantly demos the exercises, I’m breaking into a sweat and discovering a new found admiration for ballet dancers.

Frame Barre workout exercises
Balance and bounce: a pilates ball is used in the Barre workout to target specific muscles for intense toning

The verdict:

This is a fun workout for anyone who wants to try something a little more graceful than a HIIT session. The main focus is on the legs, thighs and glutes but core strength is also worked during the many sets of leg raises.

I left the class feeling very aware that my posture wasn’t as ‘on pointe’ as it used to be and I’m now determined to consciously lift my head higher, pull my shoulders back and tuck my tailbone under. Who doesn’t want the body of a ballerina? Project Pirouette has commenced and this dancer has a lot more to give.

Kat x

Find out more and book your Barre class at moveyourframe.com

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