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Flow in the Dark yoga: Kelly Brooks

Kelly Brooks yoga teacher Flow in the Dark
Electric: yoga teacher Kelly Brooks gets her glow on

What happens when you take one of London’s hottest yoga instructors, combined with deep house music and a whole lotta rave paint? Read on to find out…

Event: Flow in the Dark
Studio: The Amadeus converted chapel
Location: Little Venice, W9 2JA
Blowout or budget: £25 for a 60 minute class, prosecco and a goodie bag


Flow in the Dark yoga with Kelly Brooks
Bend to the beat: there’s no better feeling on a Friday night!


Sixty minutes of high-intensity yoga under black light, combined with deep breathing, a clearing of the mind and all-round good vibes. It’s sweat dripping feel-good yoga. Leave your worries at the door and lose yourself in the moment.
Flow in the dark
Rave-tastic: Kelly guides the group through warrior poses


Donning my brightest and whitest yoga gear, I left work on Friday night feeling smug at the prospect of merging two of my great loves – fitness and house music – into one, healthy and productive evening.

Arriving at the converted chapel, we got stuck in with lashings of glow in the dark body paint. The main room was blacked out, leaving a low glow of UV spotlights and candles. As house music pumped out, yoga teacher Kelly Brooks guided us through stretches and poses. As we picked up the sequences, we were left to bend to the beat and flow at our own pace.

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOVE working out in the dark because you can lose yourself in the moment without feeling self-conscious or worrying about that fact that your muffin top just popped out to say hello! With no worries or critical thoughts circulating in your mind, it’s surprisingly easy to get lost in the moment and enjoy the liberating feeling of moving in your own way.

Flow in the Dark yoga
Flex-appeal: fellow yogi @foofantastic goes upside down

By the final postures, I had flowed myself into a trance-like state. As the music built up into a crescendo, I lie in savasanah with a warm, buzzy feeling, letting go of the stresses and strains of the day and week behind me.

The class was followed by a chilled glass of bubbles – a nice touch for those of us who are used to propping up the bar on a Friday night! And as we left, we were handed a goody bag jam-packed full of lovely drinks and healthy snacks to refuel with.

Flow in the Dark goody bag
Top notch: the goodie bag was bursting full of delicious energy-providing snacks


Flow in the Dark is breathing new life in to yoga, making it fun and accessible for all. It’s the perfect class for beginner yogis: we brought three friends a long who had never done yoga in their lives, but the familiar music and cover of darkness meant they could move around with no inhibitions and suss out their capabilities.

By the end of the 60 minutes, you feel fully worked out and like you’ve had your very own party (but with none of the messy after effects!)

My Flow in the Dark yoga crew
Fit fam: my Flow in the Dark yoga crew

To book your tickets for Flow in the Dark, head to billetto.co.uk and follow @TheWellscene on Instagram 

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