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Plant-based hair colour: tried and tested with Trevor Sorbie

Ever thought about ditching the chemicals in your colour service? We tried Trevor Sorbie’s new plant-based treatment, Botanēa, to see what results herbal haircare can deliver…

The clean beauty movement is something we can’t help but notice more and more in London. We’re now becoming aware of the impact our favourite beauty products are having on the environment and ourselves.

Conscious consumerism has exploded and it’s the millenials and Gen-Zs leading the way when it comes to caring about the planet. With peaceful protests, plogging (jogging whilst picking up litter) and paddleboarding on the waterways looking for plastic now becoming popular ways to spend the weekend, it’s a movement we can’t help but pay attention to.

However, the topic of conversation is evolving. It’s not just about the plastic bottles our products are pumped into but the ingredients used to create them.

So what makes me care about going au naturel and opting for organic when I can? Well since doing my yoga teacher training last year I’ve become a lot more conscious about what my body absorbs and digests. Part of my training focused on learning about the ancient ayurvedic lifestyle (a principle developed by the sages of India thousands of years ago) where ailments are treated naturally and simple rituals – such as meditation, drinking hot water with lemon or fresh ginger and eating the rainbow – are practiced daily to help you stay vibrant, healthy and a little more emotionally balanced.

Learning about ayurveda made me realise that unconsciously I was consuming a lot of chemicals and hormones through cheap cuts of meat, the contraceptive pill and deodorant. It just didn’t sit right with me and although I haven’t completely overhauled my lifestyle I’m now much more conscious about the choices I make when it comes to the food I consume and the beauty products I buy.

So when Vanessa and I were approached by the flagship Covent Garden salon Trevor Sorbie to try their new plant-based hair colour service, Botanēa, I knew this was something we had to experience.

What is Botanēa?

Botanēa was developed my L’Oreal Professionnel a few years ago and is their first vegan, 100% plant-based hair dye collection. 

The collection is sourced from three plants in India: henna, indigo and cassia. A whole palette of shades can be achieved with these powerful little powders, from blondes through to dark coppers, there’s something for everyone. 

And it’s not just vegans that can benefit from using this range. Whether you’re pregnant, on a particular medication which limits you from using hair dye or just like Vanessa and I who are conscious about using less chemicals, it’s the perfect solution for a lot of people out there.

We’re both very blonde at the moment so rather than putting more colour on our hair we opted to try the cassia gloss treatment. An indulgent luminising mask to give our locks a little nourishment and revive our colour. 

To compliment Botanēa, L’Oreal Proffesionnels have created Source Essentielle, a range of natural shampoos, conditioners and balms to use in conjunction with the service. So before the cassia was applied we had a pre-cleanse using a very delicate shampoo made up of calendula and chamomile flowers to ensure any impurities were washed away. 

Guiseppe, Trevor Sorbie’s award-winning Botanēa colourist, then mixed the cassia powder with hot water to activate the organic ingredients and create what can only be described as a thick green mud! It smelt like a heavenly herbal green tea. He then slathered the warming mask onto our hair and scalps, wrapped our heads in muslin and let the treatment set for 10 minutes. This is more like a spa treatment than salon service!

After 10 minutes of relaxation the mask is then washed off with a gorgeous jasmine flower and sesame oil shampoo, followed by a head massage and finally a sesame oil nourishing balm. Heaven. 

To finish the service we both had a cut and blow dry. The results? Shiny and nourished our blondes have been revived in the gentlest way!

It’s great to see products like this gaining recognition on the market. So whether you want to go completely chemical-free or reduce your exposure to toxins, it’s great to see Botanēa filling a niche and becoming the answer our clean haircare needs.

Want to give it a go? 

Colour services start from £70 and we highly recommend booking into the Trevor Sorbie flagship salon in the heart of Covent Garden. Next door is Petersham Nurseries so you can treat yourself to a post-pampering brunch and wash it down with a cocktail or two.

Kat x 

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