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Women’s Health Run Club: cardio with a twist

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Looking to shake up your weekly runs and make them more social? Discover the Women’s Health Run Club and why incorporating a HIIT pitstop outside Buckingham Palace is the best idea EVER! 

Venue: Another_Space
Class: Run Club (every Tuesday 6.30pm – 7.30pm)
Location: Covent Garden, WC2H 9NP
Budget or blowout: It’s completely FREE!

We all run for different reasons. Weight loss, endurance, maintaining fitness – the list is endless but whatever your motivation is for running, Women’s Health Run Club (#WHRC) has it all.

Running allows for plenty of ‘me time’. You can zone out, turn up the volume on your headphones and just get away from it all. You get the chance to be mindful and reflect on what’s important whilst pushing your body’s cardio-limits in the glorious outdoors. So, why ruin that precious time with complete strangers who are probably fitter and better equipped than you?

You wouldn’t be wrong to think that run clubs are designed for those who pace themselves at the front of the pack and take running very seriously. However, #WHRC couldn’t be further from that unnerving preconception! There’s no strangers rabbiting on during a steady, yet painful five miler, no competitiveness and most importantly, no pretence – the club really is for all levels. And what’s more it’s free! A rarity in the city.

The fundamentals

Lace up your Nikes and head across to Another_Space to pound the pavements with the inspirational girls at Women’s Health and the lovely Jamie-Ray from Another_Space. You’ll run 5km in total and stop every 1.5km for a sweat-inducing HIIT session.

The low-down

It’s great to be guided, motivated and pushed by Lululemon ambassador and Women’s Health digital editor Amy Hopkinson and digital assistant Francesca Menato. The girls do a fab job of making the class fun whilst encouraging you to do your best as you take in the sights.

Exterior of Another Space studio

With every HIIT pitstop you can expect burpees in front of Buckingham Palace, push-up challenges outside Parliament and sprints back to the studio. Jamie challenges you every week to beat your PB with more burpees, lower squats, faster sprints and deeper press-ups. FULL press-ups might we add (Jamie doesn’t allow the girly ones)!

The motivational chants and ecstatic enthusiasm from Amy, Ces and Jamie are guaranteed to keep you going back for more week on week.

Group of runners outside Buckingham Palace

Pounding the pavements in a howling group of giggles makes the difference between staying in on the sofa and getting yourself out in the fresh air to soak up those feel-good endorphins.

Plus, there’s endless fun to be had with the live stream on the Women’s Health Instagram channel.  If you didn’t Instagram it, it didn’t really happen, right?!

The verdict

#WHRC doesn’t replace the solo ‘me time’ runs we all need and enjoy, it simply provides an additional energising and fun alternative.

No downsides, just a list of benefits to running as a group: sharing fitness tips, comparing FitBits, sports gear and most importantly, mingling with like-minded strangers.

London is a big city that can at times, feel very lonely. #WHRC dissolves the loneliness by uniting 40-50 like-minded women for 60 minutes every week. AND, if you join the run club for 4 weeks, you can earn yourself credit for a class at Another_Space.

The sign-up form goes live every Wednesday at 12pm, so be sure to register yourself for next week’s session!

Amy x

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