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Dynamic yoga at Stretch, Broadway Market

Stretch yoga studio, Broadway Market
Sun salutations: the Ada Street studio flooded with light


We’ve found the perfect way to reset at the weekend. Head to Broadway Market for yoga at Stretch, followed by brunch and shopping…

Class: Dynamic yoga
Studio: Stretch
Location: Broadway Market, E8 4QU
Blowout or budget: £13 for 60 minutes


Stretch is set back from the hustle and bustle of Broadway Market, with all it’s tempting stalls, coffee shops and boutiques. The studio offers a range of classes and workshops for all levels, as well as retreats and yoga teacher training.

From humble beginnings at Netil House, Stretch has since expanded to run two studios in East London. Being a family-run yoga studio, Stretch has a real community focus. The founders believe that yoga and fitness should be accessible to all and free from stuffiness.

Stretch yoga studio
Shhh: Stretch’s Broadway Market studio provides a calming influence for your practice


When we heard about Stretch’s ethos, it chimed so deeply with Brunch n Grind’s mission statement, that we just had to pop by for a class and say hello.

The first thing that struck me was a stylish simplicity of the studio. With white walls and bare bulbs hanging from the ceiling, Stretch has got a cool, understated vibe, which allows you to simply focus on your practice.

Shhh sign at Stretch yoga studio
Quiet please: I’m lusting after this illuminated ‘Shhh’ sign for my own bedroom door

We grabbed a mat and set up at the back of the studio under the glass ceiling, which allowed the soft Saturday morning sunlight to flood in from above.

You can read all about your yoga teacher’s approach and specialisms on Stretch’s website before choosing a class. Our teacher was Alice – methodical and nurturing – her aim is for students to leave class feeling relaxed and grounded. Every posture is considered, leaving you with a fully-rounded practice from start to finish.

Dynamic yoga at Stretch Broadway Market
In full flow: the class take a satisfying shoulder stretch

Next we flowed through Vinyasa, taking lots of twists, binds and balancing postures. Alice gave the opportunity to practice more challenging poses such as Crow, Flying Pigeon and Inversions, so there was something for everyone to either try, work on or perfect.

The class ended on an ‘Om’ chant and the vibrations circulated the studio, I was left with a feeling of positivity and warmth, as well as having worked up a light sweat.

Brunch time

After class, having worked up an appetite, we went in search of some yummy food to refuel with. As well as all the goodies up for grabs on the stalls (cupcakes, pastries, cheese!) we came across Twigs – a tiny little plant shop which also serves chia bowls, rice waffles and macaron ice cream sandwiches! What more could you want from a weekend of rest, relaxation and reward?

Child's pose at Stretch yoga
And relax: there’s no better feeling than a child’s pose after a challenging class


We left Stretch feeling lighter and brighter – it was a lovely way to start the day. Whether you’re a local to Hackney or a visitor looking for a balanced weekend, I’d recommend checking out the schedule at stretch-london.com.

From exploring femininity, meditation and philosophy to pregnancy classes and chaturanga workshops, there are tonnes of amazing events lined up over the coming months.

We’re looking forward to the Stretch Brunch Club on April 9th, which combines nourishing food and delicious yoga – it’s going to be the perfect Sunday morning tonic for the soul!

Vanessa x

Stretch studio walls
Less is more: plants, cacti and posters displayed on clipboards add to the understated vibe of the studio

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